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In contrast to the reading passage, which mentions three arguments and believes they are the strong support that Robert E. Peary has really reached the North Pole, the lecturer disagrees with the text about the credibility of the arguments. Followed are the three aspects where the two materials diverge from each other.

First of all, the lecturer pointed out that the committee put together by National Geographic Society was not objective, since the members of the committee were all Peary's closed friends or people who funded Peary for his journey. Also, the investigation held by the committee only lasted for two days, which is way too short to look into enough details to come out a convincing result. Therefore, the conclusion made by the committee cannot be taken as a solid evidence of Peary's journey to the North Pole. On the contrary, the passage believes the investigation done by the committee and take it as a strong support for the truth of Peary's claim.

Secondly, it is argued by the lecturer that doubts toward the speed of Peary’s journey to the North Pole cannot be cleared out by Tom Avery's journey, since these two explorers were taking their journeys under many different conditions. For example, Tom was traveling with a favorable weather condition while Peary was not. Also, Tom was carrying a lot lesser weight than Peary was since Tom’s foods were carried by airplanes. Under these circumstances, the speed of Tom Avery’s journey would be faster than Peary’s, so even if Tom had completed his journey with less than 37 days, it's still not convincing to take it as a proof to validate that the speed of Peary's journey was rational. In contrast, the reading passage suggests that the speed of Peary’s traveling can be proved valid by the experience of Tom Avery’s traveling.

Furthermore, the professor expresses that the photo taken by Peary cannot be used to analyze the sun position, since the photos were taken hundred years ago with poor techniques and the shadows in the photos were all unfocused and blurred, so it would definitely lead to inaccuracy of the analysis. On the other hand, the reading passage believes that those photos can become a solid evidence that Peary really did reach to the North Pole in the specific days judging from the sun positions.

In summary, the writer’s points of views are strongly challenged by the lecturer that the three arguments mentioned in the passage were invalid, and there’s still no evidence that Robert E. Peary has ever reached the North Pole.

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Grammar and spelling errors:
Line 5, column 215, Rule ID: NUMEROUS_DIFFERENT[1]
Message: Use simply 'many'.
Suggestion: many
...lorers were taking their journeys under many different conditions. For example, Tom was travel...
Line 5, column 627, Rule ID: ALLOW_TO[1]
Message: Did you mean 'taking'? Or maybe you should add a pronoun? In active voice, 'convince' + 'to' takes an object, usually a pronoun.
Suggestion: taking
... than 37 days, its still not convincing to take it as a proof to validate that the spee...
Line 7, column 140, Rule ID: NODT_DOZEN[1]
Message: Use simply: 'a hundred'.
Suggestion: a hundred
...n position, since the photos were taken hundred years ago with poor techniques and the ...

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also, first, furthermore, if, look, really, second, secondly, so, still, therefore, while, for example, in contrast, in summary, first of all, in contrast to, on the contrary, on the other hand

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Article: 10.0 8.23620309051 121% => OK
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flesch_kincaid_grade: 12.3 11.0289183223 112% => OK
coleman_liau_index: 12.19 12.2367328918 100% => OK
dale_chall_readability_score: 8.62 8.42419426049 102% => OK
difficult_words: 100.0 63.6247240618 157% => OK
linsear_write_formula: 10.5 10.7273730684 98% => OK
gunning_fog: 12.4 10.498013245 118% => OK
text_standard: 13.0 11.2008830022 116% => OK
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