Some people believe that when busy parents do not have a lot of time to spend with their children, the best use of that time is to have fun playing games or sports. Other believe that it is best to use that time doing things together that are related to s

With the significant growth of gender equality in employment, there are more and more families consisting of parents who are both working, which leaves much less time for parents to spend with their children. In order to maintain a good relationship with their children, I think parents should spend time playing games and sports with their children during their free time for two reasons.

To begin with, children have to learn and study for long hours during their time at school, so speaking of the time after school, children usually expect to relax and do whatever makes them feel happy. Therefore, if parents stay with their children to do activities related to schoolwork even after school, children are very likely to feel stressful and they will definitely not appreciate this companion, which keeps them under great pressure. In this way, the companion which is expected to help keep a close relationship between parents and children will then turn out to be a harm to the relationship since children will feel unhappy and stressed during the time with their parents, leading children to have a tendency to avoid getting along with their parents. However, if parents can spend time with their children playing their favorite sports after school, children will feel excited and always looking forward to the time when their parents come home and play with them. Consequently, parents and children can cultivate a strong and tight relationship gradually.

Furthermore, by playing games or sports with children, parents can build up an image of playmates or friends to children, which makes parents no longer just boring and tedious seniors to in children's mind. In this way, children will feel closer to their parents and be willing to share their secrets or real thoughts with their parents. Take my brother for an example. My parents used to be traditional Asian parents who care much about school work, whereas my brother is an outgoing person who loves basketball more than anything. However, whenever my parents are with him, they always focus on my brother's academic performance, which makes my brother thinks they are so yesterday and nerdy that they will never understand what he is thinking. Time after time, I found out the gap between my parents and brother become too big to ignore. In order to fix this relationship, I suggest my parents spend time playing basketball with my brother to understand what he truly loves so they can have common topic and more reaction. In the beginning, my brother hesitated to play with them, whom he thought were too old to play basketball. However, my parents did not give up and even brought a basketball hoop at home to practice. Gradually, they would play together and it turns out that my parents really enjoy it! Not only because they have so much fun with my brother while playing basketball, but also because they now have so many topics aside from school work to chat with. As for my brother, my parents are just like his best friends now that he will even share the top secret with them but not me.

In conclusion, based on the two reasons above, I strongly suggest parents spend time with their children to play games or sports in their free time, since the time they play together will not only make children feel relaxed and excited but also help build up a strong and close relationship between parents and children.

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