TOEFL TPO 11 - Integrated Writing Task

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The reading and the lecture are about the declination of the reading, mainly in literature and has some bad effects in the public. While the article give some arguments which support that, the lecturer refutes this saying that there are only some cultural changes.

To begin, the passage mentions that the literature help intellectually to the public like no other do. On the contrary, the professor states that there are other type of books that have benefits to the intellectual stimulation. Books about science or politics have a high cultural quality.

In addition, the author mentions that people is wasting their time doing activities and missing the benefits of literature. For example, watching television or music videos. On the contrary, the lecturer argues that culture has changed. Besides, she explains that there are music or novels that have level of culture.

To conclude, the passage suggests that there are good literature writers nowadays, but they do not have an audience. The professor is against this and says that the reading of literature is difficult to understand and it is author's fault.

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