TOEFL TPO 48 Integrated Writing Task

The reading is about frog species population reduction and it’s serious afterward for the ecosystems. The passage provided three proposals for solving the problem of declining frog populations. Conversely, in the lecture the professor holds a totally different view that none of those proposals are practical solutions and points to inaccuracies in each of them.
First of all, the article claims that there should be a regulation that prohibits the use of pesticides which are harmful to frogs. However, the professor explains that this way is not economical practical due to the dependency of farmers on pesticides. Though pesticides are essential in farming, the fewer farmers use pesticides, the more they lose corps. As a result, preventing regulation effects adversely in the farmers market.
Secondly, the reading asserts a treatment for frog’s skin caused by fungus is effective. The professor refutes this point by saying that this idea is critically complicated. Treatments should be done individually on each frog which is seriously difficult on a large scale. Moreover, this treatment is not permanent and should be applied for each generation which makes it more complicated and expensive.
Thirdly, the article posits that excessive water produced by human activities threaten frog’s wetland habitats. On the other hand, the professor explains that the main threat is global warming, not polluted water. According to her, global warming causes the elimination of water in some wetlands, which leads to the extinction of the entire species. Therefore, wasted humans water in comparison with ongoing habitat losses resulted from global warming is negligible.

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