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The reading is about elephants. It states provided three popular beliefs about elephants' behaviors. Conversely, in the lecture, the professor holds a different view that these beliefs are based on misunderstanding and points to inaccuracies in each of the author's reasons.
First of all, the article asserts that elephants are aware of their time of death coming and provides elephant graveyards as an example. The lecturer refutes this point by saying that leaving the herd has another reason. The reason is that when an elephant becomes old, it will have older teeth to chew. As a result, it prefers to eat softer vegetation that is available near the water. Hence it goes there and grazes until the time of death arrives.
Secondly, the reading claims that these giant animals have art ability such as painting objects by brush. However, the professor says elephants do painting just because they are trained to paint. According to her, they have sensitive ears and the trainer uses them to train them. When an elephant put a brush on canvas, its trainer starts to send a signal to guide the elephant's action. The animal has no idea what the painting means, it just follows the orders.
Eventually, the article posits that elephants fear mice, and points to a scientific experiment. The speaker on the other side explains that elephants fear mice just because they notice mice as unfamiliar animals. Therefore misunderstand happens. She states that in the zoo, where elephants become familiar with mice, fear disappears.

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