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TPO-04 - Integrated Writing Task Endotherms are animals such as modern birds and mammals that keep their body temperatures constant. For instance, humans are endotherms and maintain an internal temperature of 37°C, no matter whether the environment is wa

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Both the reading and listening are about the arguments that dinasoures were endotherms.

First, according to the reading that there are an evidances that dinasoures were endotherms. As, their fossils were found in polar areas, and only endotherms can survive in theses cold areas. However, the professor refures this point by explaining that polar areas were much warmer in the past than today. It was warm enough to dinasoures to live there. Moreover, she discusses that dinasoures imigrated to warmer neighborehood areas when the polar areas were cooled.

Seconed, the reading states that another evidance is that leg position underneath the body of dinasoures which allow them run. It is a characteristic of the endotherms only. Nevertheless, the lecture opposes this notion by stating that it is not true that because their body position were not like crocodiles on the side of thier body, they are endotherms. According to the professor, the legs poistion are not built for running, but their body structure support the large weight of them. In addition, the large sizes gave a lot of advantages for dinasoures.

Third, the passage avers that the haversian canals are an evidance that they are endotherms, because they allow them to grow quickly, which is a characterstic of endotherms on reality. On the other hand, the professor contradicts this topic by stating that the dinasuores have growth rings, which was for thicking the bone. As, it allow dinasoures to grow more slowely in cold areas, then grow rapidly again. It is not a characteristic to grow rapidly even if the enviroment is cold.

Therefore, the professor questions all the ideas mentioned on the reading.

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