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TPO-09 - Integrated Writing Task Car manufacturers and governments have been eagerly seeking a replacement for the automobile's main source of power, the internal-combustion engine. By far the most promising alternative source of energy for cars is the hy

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The article states that Fuel cell engines will replace internal-combustion engines by providing three advantages of Fuel cell engines over internal-combustion engines. The professor, however claims that replacing by Fuel cell engines is not an effective solution and confutes each of the author reasons.

First, the reading claims that hydrogen, used as fuel for fuel cell engines, are abundant and can be used for long time period. The professor refutes the point by saying that even though hydrogen is easily from various sources but isn't directly useful. He states that hydrogen should be in pure liquid states and it is technically very difficult produce and preserve in such states.

Second, the author posits that use of fuel cell engines will extirpate world's global warming problem. However, author says that global warming problem will be unsolved. According to professor, the production of liquid hydrogen fuel needs a lot of energy, which is produced by burning of woods and coal; thus producing a same amount of carbon dioxide produced by internal-combustion engine.

Third, the reading says that it is economical to use fuel cell engines due to it's high efficiency. The professor encounter this points by explaining that hydrogen fuels are dramatically higher than automobile fuel. We have also learned that Platinum used to prepare fuel cell is very costly and replacement of it with other cheaper metal have been unsuccessful.

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