TPO-11 - Integrated Writing Task A recent study reveals that people especially young people are reading far less literature,novels, plays, and poems,than they used to. This is troubling because the trend has unfortunate effects for the reading public, for

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The article states that people significantly younger people are reading less literature when compared to earlier people. The article also states three claims and averts that it is degrading the intellectual quality in younger generations. However, the professor opposes the article's position of statement and gives three claims ti disprove the claims made in the article.

First, the article states that reading literature would simulate out intellectual demand. It also extends it claim that since no much of them are reading literature, their intellectual sharpness had declined. Whereas, the professor refutes the claim pointing out that intellectual sharpness need not proliferate only by reading literature. Even by reading science, history and other subjects help to grow our mental sharpness. Professor argues that there are several books that help in simulation of out intellect.

Next, the article states that today's generation is wasting time by watching television and media. It also added in its claim that nowadays people are wasting their time in doing like that. However the professor confutes the article's hold that watching television or listening to a song is not a waste of time. She thinks that movies, songs represent the culture usage. This is because, culture has many forms of expressions. Movies and songs also elucidate us the contemporary concerns.

Third, the article casts its concern on the modern authors and claims that nowadays good authors lacks proper audience. The article also adds that this is due to the poor standards in reading among the people. While, the professor opposes this statement. She argues that the modern literature is very difficult to understand. The professor at first agrees that the readers count has declined with this modern literature and after that questions, would the earlier generation read today's modern literature?.

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