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Graduation with high major is considered one of the most important aspects in our lives. Students can start their practical life after their graduation, which is mean that they will start their independent life. I am sure that some people would believe that attending college for just few years is a great idea, while other would disagree. However, when it comes to me I totally agree that it is much better for students to join college just for few years. I feel this way for two important reasons, which I will demonstrate in the following essay.

To begin with, attending college for few years help students to relieve their stress, which can affect their normal life. Nowadays, students are struggling with many assignments and many academic courses. Moreover, they have to pay for their loans after their graduation for long time. For example, my brother's experience is a great compelling example. My brother is a medical school students and he spent seven years at school to get his high major. In fact, he has a huge burden loan on his shoulders. Moreover, he got a job at a clinic for just few hundreds dollars every week. Furthermore, he has to pay like ten percent from his limited budget to cover his loan. Also, he could not buy a house and he still use the public transportation because he can not afforded it. On the other hand, my little sister she attended the school for just few months and after her graduation, she would able to start her practical life and she owned private house after couple of years. This experience taught me that people can get ride from the burden of loans and they can enjoy their life via attending college for short period.

In addition, students can start their work after attending college for few years and complete their high major in the same time. Many students can attend online classes after work and they can get high score by the end of the year. For instance, my cousin's experience is a great example of this. My cousin loves animal and his dream to be a doctor i n the future. In fact, he attended college to be a nurse for eight month and he graduated. I can tell that after his graduation he got opportunity ti work at a clinic with a famous doctor at New York hospital. Furthermore, during his practice as a nurse he got tremendous experience in different fields and he would able to check a lot of animals. In the same time, he started to attend online classes after work to complete his studying trip. Consequently, after three year he would able to graduate with a master degree and he achieved his target that he always dreamed of. Nevertheless, if he did not get the experience through his work as a nurse, he would not be able to be a successful student at his college. As you can see, students can feel independent person and they can start work as soon as they can and in the same time they can take classes at night after work.

In sum, I totally believe that students should attend college for short time to start their practical life. This is because attending college for few years can help student get a away from the burden of a huge loan, and because they can get experience quickly and complete their high major in the same time.

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...quickly and complete their high major in the same time.

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