TPO-21 - Integrated Writing Task Genetic modification, a process used to change an organism’s genes and hence its characteristics, is now being used to improve trees through genetic modification. It is possible to create trees that produce more fruit, g

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The reading and the lecture both discuss three statement around a process which is genetic modification, defines as the change of an organism's genes. The reading states that there are myriad benefits of planting genetically modified trees on a large scale, and gives three reasons of support. However, the professor in the lecture argues that this is not as good as it first sound, and it may cause serious issues, thus the three measures made in the reading were refuted respectively by the lecture.

First, the article states that genetically modified trees are hardier and can survive more than unmodified counterparts. The professor in the lecture invalidates this point by explaining the fact that non modified trees are genetically diverse, under certain environmental conditions, some trees will have high resistance and are able to survive. However, genetically modified trees are uniform in their composition, they die in harsh environmental situations, and thus are completely wiped out.

Second, the reading posits that genetically modified trees ensure some environmental benefits, by which they grow faster and with great returns. The professor opposed this point and states that genetically modified trees are more costly to plant, this is because the government charge farmers for seeds much more than non genetically modified plants. Moreover, the farmer cannot simply collect seeds and plant them whenever he likes, instead, he is obligated to pay the company, by law, every time he plants.

Finally, one more benefit was presented by the reading regarding genetically modified trees which is the prevention of over-exploitation of wild trees, by satisfying the demand for wood. The lecture refutes this point by stating that genetically modified trees cause more damage to local wild trees, those grow aggressively and compete for nutrients and resources for the fact that they are usually planted among natural trees, thereby affecting their growth in a devastating manner.

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