TPO 24- integrated writing task

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The reading and the lecture are both contradicting with each other, in terms of evidence remaining in the fossil of Tyrannosaurus, a dinosaur. The author of the reading presented three evidence which shows that fossil might contain remnants of the actual tissue of the animal. However, the lecturer casts doubt about the idea and negates all the idea presented in the passage.
First of all, according to the reading, the presence of the soft flexible organic substance inside the channels might be the remains of the blood vessels of T. rex. On the other hand, the speaker undermines the idea presented in the paragraph. Additionally, she mentions that the soft substance researchers found was not necessarily the remains of the blood vessels, but it could be the trace material produced by the bacterial colonization. Since bacteria often colonize hollow in blood vessels after the living organism died. Hence, this could be the cause of the same bacterial colonization.
Secondly, the author in the paragraph suggests that the presence of the spheres in the inner bone contained dark red center which shows that it could be the remains of the red blood cells. On the contrary, the lecturer refutes this idea by asserting that the iron-containing sphere was also found in some primitive animals at the same location who did not contain red cells in the body. Hence, this sphere might have a different origin, or it might have come from the reddish mineral in the soil.
Finally, it is mentioned in the article that the scientists have found out the collagen on the dinosaur's leg which is usually a part of the bone tissue. Although here, the professor also disagrees with the suggestion and describes that collagen cannot last longer than a thousand years and the dinosaurs fossils were around seventy thousand million years ago. Therefore, it is not possible that the collagen has lasted longer in the dinosaur’s fossils for a long duration of time. Instead, the possible explanation is that the collagen might have come from the skin of researchers who were handling the bone of the dinosaur. Thus, the suggestion is also not acceptable.

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