TPO 26 Integrated WritingThe zebra mussel a freshwater shellfish native to Eastern Europe has long been spreading out from its original habitats and has now reached parts of North America There are reasons to believe that this invasion cannot be stoppe

The reading and the lecture are both about whether it is possible to halt the spread of the zebra mussel fish, which was originated from Eastern Europe to spread the whole Europe and then North America. The author of the reading believes there are three reasons why their spread is unstoppable. The lecturer challenges the statements made by the author. He is of the opinion that there are ways to control their spread.
First of all, the author suggests that ways the mussel fish spread indicate it is impossible to stop them. It is mentioned that that the fish attach itself to ship hall bottom or is contained in ballast water, which ships use for balance it for cargo. The argument is refuted by the lecturer. He says people could not control the fish in past because they had no knowledge of it. Furthermore, he argues that if the ship that takes the ballast water from Europe is required to refill with the water with ocean water, then the mussel would die because they cannot survive in salt water of ocean.
Secondly, the author posits that the mussels are likely to dominate in a new habitat. The author notes that the survivability of reproduction rate of the mussels fish are really high. The lecturer, however, casts doubt on this by asserting that they were dominant only in the beginning. The lecturer elaborates on this by mentioning that local aquatic birds start feeding on the mussel fish in Europe. So, the same can be said for the North America birds.
Finally, it is stated in the reading that once the mussel fish has become the dominant one, it would cause the decline of other fish species in that area. The author establishes that the zebra mussels are plankton eaters. Hence, they compete with other fish. The lecturer, on the other hand, opposes that overall fish population of surface eaters are likely to decrease. He puts forth the idea that it may be helpful for other fish, like the bottom eaters in the below of water. The organic waste from the top can feed the bottom eater fishes that dwell in the bottom of water.

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