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TPO 27

In this set of materials, the reading passage and the lecturer discuss possible reasons for occurring the little ice age. Although the reading passage provides three theories about possible reasons for the little ice age, the speaker refutes this idea through several reasons which I will describe in this reporter.

First, the reading passage argues that cold freshwater may have been caused the little ice age. Because, the melting glaciers send a large amount of cold water into the Gulf Stream, and it would reasons for it. The lecturer, in contrast, rejects this by claiming that the cold freshwater of the Gulf Stream only would affect Europe and North America. But, the little ice age has occurred on the Sowdern hemisphere such as Newland. So, it wouldn't be a possible reason for the little ice age.

Furthermore, the passage which states that volcano eruption may have been caused the little ice age. After the volcano eruption, dust was disrupted into the atmosphere, and it blocked the sunlight so that the little ice age has occurred. However, The professor argues that volcano eruption did not put enough dust into the atmosphere. If a lot of dust was inputted into the air, it would make visual effects such as block sunlight or dark or brown snow or rain. But, we did not have any reports about these effects.

Finally, although the passage says that an increase in trees grow due to decreases in the human population may have caused a reduction of carbon dioxide and the greenhouse effect and made the earth cooler, the speaker disagrees by mentioning that the human population grew rapidly after a short time, and people cut trees out for making lands appropriate for agriculture very soon. Thus there was not enough time for the forests to have any effect on the climate and cause the little ice age.

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