TPO 29 Integrated writing

The reading and the lecture are both about whether Edmontosaurus, a plant eating dinosaur species lived one hundred millions years ago, migrated to the south during the winter since they lived in the arctic region. The author of the reading believes there are three reasons this is true. The lecturer challenges the statement made by the author. She is of the opinion that none of the claims from the reading is not convincing at all.
First of all, the author suggests that the diet of the Edmontosaurus indicates the migration hypothesis. It is mentioned that in the cold arctic winter plants, the diets of the dinosaur, could not survive. The argument is refuted by the lecturer. She says back then the artic climate was much warmer. Furthermore, she argues that in arctic summer the Sun shines tweny-four hours, which was a good condition for the grows of the plant species, and in winter there were lots of dead nutritious plant material for the dinosaur to consume.
Secondly, the article posits that many edmontosaurs fossils have been found from the same site, indicating they lived in herd. The article notes that many modern animals also live in herd and migrate together, which is beneficial for their coordinations. The lecturer, however, casts doubt on this by asserting that animals live in herd does not mean they migrate, and many modern animal live in herd and do not migrate. The lecturer elaborates on this by mentioning that living in herd means extra protection from predators. For example, a type of Elk that lives in herd in a forest and do not migrate.
Finally, it is stated in the reading that edmontosaurs had a physical potential to travel a long distances. The author establishes that the dinosaurs were really fast and they could the condition of travelling over 1600 kilometers to migrate south. The lecturer, on the other hand, opposes by questioning the capacity of not yet adult dinosaurs. She puts forth the idea that the juveniles were not capable of covering long distance with the fast pace, and the adults would not leave the juveniles. Hence, they needed to stay in the cold north artic slope.

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