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TPO 29-Integrated writing

The article provides three arguments to support the migration hypothesis of the most common North Slope dinosaurs (Edmontosaurus). The Edmontosaurus survived in the winter by migrating south to more hospitable regions. The professor opposes this hypothesis and says this hypothesis is not convincing.

First, the reading states that the Edmontosaurs migrated to more temperate zone to find food since there would have been no plants growing during the cold and dark North Slope winter. In contrast, the professor says that the North Slope regions were warmer than today, the sun used to shine 24 hours a day, which created a good growing plants and vegetation. In addition, the Edmontosauraus could easily survive on the dyed plant during the winter as a food source.

Second, the passage posits that the Edmontosaurus lived in herd’s further support the migration hypothesis. However, the professor says that living in herds does not mean helps animals coordinate their migration, there are many benefits from living in groups such protect themselves from predators. For example, the elks live in herds in the Western US and do not migrate at all.

Third, the author claims that the Edmontosaurs could have easily used its locomotive power to move to a warmer climate during the harsh arctic winter. The professor refutes this point by explaining that the Edmontosaur’s juvenile are not capable of migrating long distance and making such a journey. Also, the herds could not leave their juvenile behind because they are unable to survive alone. Therefore, the adult Edmontosaur’s more likely stay with their Youngers in the same place even in harsh condition.

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the Edmontosaurus lived in herd’s further support the migration hypothesis.
the Edmontosaurus lived in herds further supporting the migration hypothesis.

the adult Edmontosaur’s more likely stay with their Youngers
the adult Edmontosaurs are more likely to stay with their Youngers

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