TPO-45 Integrated Writing Task

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The reading passage and the lecture are both about the existence of bees on Earth 200 million years ago. More specifically, the writer discusses some witnesses show that this claim has some suspicions. The lecturer in the listening passage disagrees. He believes that there are sharp points to verify the entity of bees, according to the fossil has been discovered recently, and provides some evidence to refute all mentioned disagreements in the passage.
First of all, the author begins by stating that all the other fossils have been probed so far, are not more than 100 million years old, except this 200-year-old fossil has been found in the state of Arizona in the United States. The lecturer, however, disagrees. He declares that although this explored remnant is too old in comparison to the other once, it could be attributed to lack of presence such tree resins which are suitable for preserving the bee remains; therefore, no other fossil has been left at that era.
Furthermore, the author claims that no flowering plants existed 200 million years ago as long as they are essential nutrition source for bees. Again, the lecturer believes there are flaws in the writer's argument. The speaker holds that the mentioned contention is accurate at present, but the early bees might feed on the non-flowering vegetation. In fact, their biological relationship with flowers could be related to some evolutions on their habits later.
Lastly, the article mentioned that the discovered fossil has some wanting in exact details of their nests' structure. In turn, the professor in the listening part is doubtful that this is entirely right. He states that the chemical observations have proved that this early fossil has waterproof material just as same as the modern pattern nests. Thus, it firmly alleges the authenticity of the hypothesis.

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