TPO-46 - Integrated Writing Task In the United States, medical information about patients traditionally has been recorded and stored on paper forms. However, there are efforts to persuade doctors to adopt electronic medical record systems in which informa

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Based on the given materials, the article as well as the lecture discusses uses of electronic medical databases which contains patient's medical information, and many doctors tend to adopt this modern method of recording. The author states that there are several viable benefits regarding this method in compared to storing information on papers. That being said, the lecturer provides several ideas to repudiate this claim.
Initially, the author says that since paper records need noticeable amounts of storage, using electronic records would decrease costs of storage. In addition, the process of getting access to patient's information, such as copying and faxing, will be emitted. However, the lecturer explains that it cannot be true owing to the fact that doctors who adapted to use the electronic database will not throw out or discontinue the paper-based information, because they require signatures on papers for legal backups. Thus, the mentioned doctors still pay storage costs, and the modern method will not lead to reduce the costs.
Second, the writer proclaims that if doctors use the electronic medical records, there will be seen fewer medical errors which may be caused by insufficient handwriting and transcription of data. Yet again, the speaker underscores that most doctors, even who adapted to electronic medical records, still use pen and papers for taking notes, and because they usually transfer data from their notes to the database, there should have been errors during this process.
The final point of contention between the reading and the listening passage is aiding medical researchers. The writer thinks that since there is a huge database for researchers, they easily get access to required information from any location. On the other hand, the speaker explains that even with this modern method, it seems to be difficult for researchers to get the information, owing to the fact that most of this information are private and need legal acceptance, which is a time-consuming process.

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