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TPO 31- Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?Because the world is changing so quickly, people now are less happy or less satisfied with their lives than people were in the past.Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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By developing each aspect of this hectic era, people face with high-slop changes, which affect directly on their mood, such as being happy or satisfied enough to have the best lifestyles. When it comes to this point, many people want to know whether the mentioned influences make people happier or satisfied in compared to the past or not. I personally believe that current lifestyles show that people are more better regarding their moods. In what follows, I will delve into couple of reasons to shed light on my response.

First, modern lifestyle experiences better condition of social communication. Being thankful to technology developments, many software and applications have been produced for people to have really easier communications, in compared to the past, in which people should do several difficult steps to reach a simple way of talking with each other. As the modern lifestyles are provided with better communication systems, people can be aware of each other easier and never do they feel being alone, which leads to be unhappy people. Thus, people in this modern life are happier and more satisfied. As I remember, my grandfather always told us that they had never had a simple way to talk with my father, who lived in a foreign country. My father's parents were really concerned about my father's situation because they were not aware of his mood.

Second, should the modern people are more happier and satisfied than the past, they have better financial situations. In general, people in the past were concerned about how they could buy a house for themselves, and never did many of them buy any. In this modern span, people have options too use mortgages for buying their survival needs. So, financial situations of people have been improved, thanks to the developed financial tools. When I was an eighteen years old child, my father told me that he had not been able to construct a house or buying it for my after-marriage periods, but he continued that he was not concerned as much as his father had been, owing to the fact that people in these days can use mentioned mortgages for buying such items, and start to pay them back by their even low salaries.

One reason that repudiates the above reasons is that people face with more difficult competition systems than the past. As many political and commercial events occurred, many governments are concerned with winning against the others, so they may cause lots of pressures which directly influence on people's lifestyles, and make them less happy people. For example, during houses' crisis of 2008, governments started to lower the interest rates, which caused many bad effects on people's lives. Many people had to give up against this problem, and lost their houses.

To recapitulate, we can conclude that people are happier and more satisfied than past lifestyles, even among the unavoidable changes. It is because these changes provide not only better communication situations but also, better financial conditions.

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