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TPO 47

The reading passage and the lecturer discuss whether or not the Pterosaurs would capable of flying by flapping their wings or not. Although the reading provides three theories to reject this ability, the speaker refutes these ideas through several reasons which I will describe in this report.

First, the passage points out that base on the modern reptile, the Pterosaurs would be the cold-blooded that they may not have enough energy and power for flying except the warm-blooded. The lecturer, in contrast, rejects this by claiming that by analysing fossils of the Pterosaurs psychologist understand that the Pterosaurs have dense hair cover or fair on their body. Only warm-blooded animals need fire to satay their body temperature to a specific degree. So, the Pterosaurs would warm-blooded, and they could fly.

Furthermore, unlike the passage which states that the Pterosaurs were too heavy for powered flight, the professor argues that the Pterosaurs did not have high weight despite their size. For example, they had hollow bones which have light weights as well as being firm and solid. Thus, pterosaurs' weight might be low enough to make them able to powered flight.

Finally, although the passage says that Finally, although the passage says that pterosaurs did not have strong back legs muscles to launch themselves into the air, the speaker disagrees by mentioning that the most important difference between pterosaurs and birds is that pterosaurs had four legs and could use all four limbs for running and jumping. Consequently, they may have been able to run fast and jump for taking off.

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