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TPO 42

The reading passage and lecturer discuss dangerous of the glass that uses for the building material. Although the reading claims that the glass is dangerous for birds, and they cannot distinguish this is a glass and right through them, so the reading brings three solutions for it, the speaker refutes this idea through several reasons which I will describe in this reporter.

First, the reading argues that people can use one_way glass instead of the regular glass, so, in this situation, the birds cannot see inside the building, and they understand this is a barrier. The lecturer, in contrast, rejects this by claiming that it is true people can see out, and birds cannot see inside, but this glass is as the same as the mirror. So, it reflects the sky or trees. In this situation, birds do not distinguish these glasses work as the mirror, and they think the picture is sky or tree, and they fly through them.

Furthermore, unlike the passage which states that painting glasses by colourful lines or other designs, so people can see ought and bird may see the stripes, and they avoid to fly through them. The professor argues that it is true people can see out, but birdes would see these lines as a hole that they try to fly through the hole. Furthermore, if people paint all the glasses, the inside the building would be dark.

Finally, unlike the passage which states that people can make an artificial magnetic field to guide the birds that they cannot crash to the glass because the birds use the earth magnetic field for navigation, Hence, they can use this field for preventing to crash the windows. The professor argues that it is true the birds use the earth magnetic field for navigation; but they use it for long-distance, For example, in the winter, when they want to migrate to a warmer place, the birds use earth magnetic field for finding their navigation. But, for a short distance in the cities, they use their eyes and sunlight for finding their ways; hence, it is not a practical solution.

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