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There is no doubt that nowadays, the facilities which governments provide for people are a considerably important issue. Some people may hold the view that the budget allocation priority must more focus on the enhancement of Internet access. However, others may take another viewpoint and believes that improving public transportation is essential for societies. According to the significant importance of public transit, I am of the opinion that more accessible transportation should be more takes into account by the governments. In the subsequent paragraphs, I will delve into the most outstanding reasons, which will aptly elucidate my idea.
First and foremost, without a shadow of doubt, city transportation directly relates to the amount of pollution in the air. In other words, the vehicles which are utilized for people's movements, are a considerable portion of the cities pollution. By considering this fact, the government should pay more attention to the development of these means for people's transits. For instance, high tech mechanisms must be exerted in order to make public transportation more healthier for the environment. Therefore, it is a point which could undoubtedly affect all the individuals' lives and also our next generations.
Another reason which deserves some words here is concerned with this fact that Internet access has been already improved. Thus, there are no crucial needs for distributing a great deal expense for its development. In contrast, in the case of transportation, still more attempt should be made in order to make it better. Due to its paramount importance, as long as there is easy access to different places by public vehicles, the people will tend to use them rather than driving their own cars.
To put it briefly, from what has been discussed above, we may safely reach to the conclusion that particular budget must be assigned for improving the quality of public city transportation since it could decrease the possibilities for cities to become polluted. The accessibility of these public facilities is one of the most critical issues that the government should expend determined money for enhancement of their technology.

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