TPO 55 Writing 1Because of climate change, more and more land that was once used to grow crops or provide food for animals is turning to dry, unusable desert land. There are many proposals about how to stop this process, known as desertification. A number

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Reading passage says, due to climate change, lands were dried up. So, they wanted to prevent this from happening. The best way is to plant a tree, and the best way to keep these trees is, to use a box-shaped device to store air-conditioned water for the plant during drought. However, many of the scientists are against this for the following reasons. However, the lecturer says, those reasons are not convincing.

First, reading passage says, this is a very expensive tool because combating drought means planting millions of trees and because it costs a lot of money. But the lecturer says, the trees get bigger, so devices get removed very easily. In addition, the devices can be reused more than 20 times. Therefore, the costs are reasonable.

Second, as a reading passage says, asking for help from people who are trapped in drought is unreasonable because it has no benefit for them. However, the lecturer says, it is true that people are being asked to look after plants that they cannot eat as their food source, but Those items can store water, not just for the plant but for everyone. They can even plant vegetables or use branches to burn. All of this is a good incentive for indigenous people to care for plants.

Third, the reading passage says, when the plant grows, it can no longer be used that device. Sometimes it does not rain for six months. However, the lecturer says, the grown plant can easily survive environmental conditions as its entire young age has long roots to extract water from underwater reserves. So, for that reason the plant survives without the box.

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