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In this sets of material, both the reading passage and the lecture compared the communal online encyclopedias with the traditional offline versions. The reading firmly claimed that problems of online version of encyclopedias far outweigh the problems related to traditional offline versions and provides three reasons of support. However the professor repudiates what stated in the article resting upon fallacious premises and refutes each of the author's claims.

Firstly, the reading passage claimed that contributors of online encyclopedias partially informed well with academic credentials in comparison to traditional ones, who had been trained the standards of academic writings. The lecture contradicted this point by acknowledging that none of the aforementioned versions are accurate enough and it is not fair to point out this problem just for online versions, considering that fact that printing errors in traditional encyclopedias often remains for decades.

Secondly, the article claimed that online encyclopedias are always in danger from hackers who might tried to fabricate, delete or even corrupt the information they include. Notwithstanding the speaker highlighted that all the information would be protected by two strategies. He articulated that if the writers put information in read-only format, no one could changed them; moreover there would be special editors who would eliminated any possible attack from hackers.

Lastly, the reading contended that communal encyclopedias focus very much in popular topics. This seemed to be inaccurate as explained in the lecture. The lecturer stated that for the sake of having unlimited space online encyclopedias could represent great variety of articles for great diversity of groups and actually it is one of the strongest advantageous of them.

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who might tried to fabricate,
who might try to fabricate,

no one could changed them;
no one could change them;

who would eliminated any possible attack from hackers.
who would eliminate any possible attack from hackers.

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