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Do you think that formal written examinations are a good way to assess knowledge at school?

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Formal written assessment is considered an effective way of evaluation by many. In my opinion, written assessment is an effective method of assessing the progress of a schoolchild because firstly, it increases the cognitive abilities and prepare them to handle stressful condition and secondly, this method is better in comparison to other methods such as continual assignment.
At the outset, formal written examination enhances the cognitive abilities of a student which helps a student to grasp many brain related activities. In other words, formal assessment increases the brain power because formal assessment needs a student to memorize the topic, and answer question comprehensively. Generally in English subject students are asked to explain a poem which requires a skill to answer in a certain way. Moreover, Formal examination enables students to handle stressful condition of life because formal written evaluation is quite stressful and it needs different traits to handle perform in these situations.
Furthermore, there are other methods such as continual assessment is in the practice in some schools, however it is not considered very effective because it gives student an opportunity to cheat and there are numerous instances where students were found in plagiarism. Therefore, other assessment methods are not as effective as the formal written assessment.
In conclusion, this essay has discussed how written assessment helps in improving the functioning of brain and also dealing with stress, however other methods has many issues which do not help student's progress. So Formal written is an effective method for evaluation of a student.

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