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Many people think that regions affect a successful person. What is your opinion about native region and accomplished person’s influence on the region he belongs to.

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Many people argue that success of an individual depends upon the environment in which he or she has grown up. However, in my opinion, native place’s environment is only one factor and a person’s attitude, capability and determination also play a pivotal role in achieving success.

Native environment plays a detrimental role in inculcating traits such as leadership, social skills etc. These qualities an individual acquires over a period of time. The behaviour of people in a neighborhood, school friends and college friends significantly affects behaviour and skills of a person. For instance, Mahatma Gandhi a famous Indian leader received most of his leadership skills from people with whom he spent his childhood time.People around us inspires us every day which motivates us to become a good person in society.

On the other hand, it is not only native environment that is responsible for development of an individual and his success. After an individual moves out from his native place to some other place for work he tends to learn new things that he was not aware about at his home place. Moving to other places introduces an individual to new ideas and new ways of doing things. It allows a person to thing in a broad perspective and this open-minded thinking plays a vital role in a person’s success. For example, Dhirubhai Ambani a famous Indian businessman achieved all his success only after leaving his native land. While moving to different places he learnt different people and various skills which he was not aware of at his native place. And these new learning helped him rule the business world.

To conclude, just native environment may not be behind an individual’s success. There are a lot of other factors that take an individual towards success. we just need to push extra mile to overcome any hurdles towards lucrative jobs.

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