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Does progress reduce the number of problems in the world, or does solving old problems just lead to new ones?

Essay topics: Does progress reduce the number of problems in the world, or does solving old problems just lead to new ones?

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Problems are a part of living; consequently human brain has been designed to think and solve various conundrums. However, people lay their belief in progress as the ultimate panacea. They feel that progress in their nations is the way all the grievances would be alleviated. Although progress may solve numerous problems it does put a stop to emergence of new ones. Once, old problems are solved new ones are sure to arise.

One of the things that all countries fight for is high production of goods. In the eighteenth century production of goods was low-there was low demand, less sale and less manufacture .Most of the people lived mediocre and humble lives and there was no variety in goods available. However some great thinkers like Henry Ford revolutionized the manufacturing process by introduction of belts that made assembling of cars systematic and efficient. Similar techniques were applied to other goods and production multiplied. This increased demand and ultimately the wages of people. However as production continued to increase there was a glut in the market that led to inflation. This was one the major causes of Great Depression-a terrible setback for nations of the world. Although the earlier problem was solved a greater one came into light.

Many a times a good cause may end up creating numerous problems. Most of the countries have adopted renewable sources of energy such as solar power ,wind power , hydel power and nuclear power. Many countries have constructed dams over rivers t control the flow of water , prevent floods and store water. However setting up of a dam damages aquatic life, disturbs the ecological balance of the place where it is established and also leads to displacement of indigenous people. Similarly nuclear energy comes with its dangerous radiations such –gamma rays that can mutate cells and if exposed to people can affect generations to come. This is what happened in Chernobyl in Ukraine. The nuclear reactor number four burst out released all the radiation stored as a byproduct of nuclear reaction. The people exposed to radiation suffered various disorders, many died and many others who were born later suffered because of the intense capacity of penetration of the gamma rays. At present countries are reluctant to set up nuclear reactors as the problems regarding the safe disposal of the radiation are yet to be solved.

As long as we continue to move forward we will be faced by problems. But one should not treat the problems as setback but invest ones brains to solve them .After all it is the new problems that come up once old ones are solved that make progress and development a moving target.

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