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Write an essay on an extracurricular activity you have taken or plan to take in college.

Essay topics: Write an essay on an extracurricular activity you have taken or plan to take in college.

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Her fingers traced and pressed the strings. The movements were fine and intricate. Her hands shook and music flowed. It was the first time that I saw somebody play a stringed instrument. It was fascinating , striking and pleasant. It was time I wished to link myself with an instrument. I decided that I would learn how to play the guitar. Even though I knew nothing of notes or beats but it was the skill of creating the mellifluous sounds and the wonder behind music emanating from a piece of wood that attracted me. I wanted to discover another source of expression and another hobby.

When I switched to a new school I decided to learn guitar as an optional. However on the first day of the music lesson some of the girls told me to take dance classes as they were a source of fun for all the girls. At that age I wanted to make friends with the new classmates and went along with those girls . At the end of the first dance lesson we were given a choice between Bharatnatyam and Kathak. My mom being a lover of the classical dance Kathak asked me to take the Kathak classes. Thus my journey with dancing began and guitar receded into oblivion.

In freshman year of high school I turned my attention towards Science and Math and totally forgot about music. My interest became concentrated and confined to subjects such as Biology and Math. One day my friend took me to the guitar room. While I waited there I picked up a guitar and started plucking strings at random. My friend laughed and said that I would never learn to play. That day I knew that I would try my level best and learn to play the instrument. Months later my cousin came to visit me . He brought his guitar along to show off his skills. I asked him to teach me. He told me the basics and showed some chords. I kept the guitar with myself and practised most of the time. My fingers burnt but it was satisfying I knew that I was getting ready to play the instrument. I began browsing the internet for videos and tips. My mom noticed my zeal and got my brother’s drums changed for a guitar. I borrowed notes from friends and taught myself . Currently I am no expert in this instrument , but I plan to take this instrument as an extra curricular in college. I know that someday I will be able to make my own music , talk to the instrument and understand it.

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