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If people worked less, would they be more creative and active during their free time?

Essay topics: If people worked less, would they be more creative and active during their free time?

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Creativity is present in a fluid, flexible mind that is ready to go beyond the usual confines. More and more of monotonous and mechanical only add stress and hinder creativity. Thus, if people worked less on their tedious jobs and spent some time in exploring the world around they can definitely enhance their creativity and bring out fresh ideas.

Most of the scientists are considered geniuses not only because of their high IQ and logical skills but also because of their imaginative skills. It is their imagination that helps them bring out new ideas and persistence that ensures success. Nikola Tesla, the scientist who invented the motors thought of the idea while sitting by a lake and watching the sunset. He was reading work by Goethe when he suddenly imagined numerous lines around electromagnets forming a magnetic field and that’s where his research on magnetism started. Similarly Kekule, the chemist who defined aromatic compounds got the idea from his dream. He was studying about compounds and their properties when he suddenly dosed of to sleep. In his dream he saw a snake grab its tail and form a ring. Thus, he gave the theory of cyclic aromatic compounds.

A peaceful environment and relaxed state of mind away from the regular and the buzz of the cities are important for creativity. Ruskin Bond a famous writer and poet chose to live in hill stations in India such as Musoorie or Darjeeling. This was because such environment gave his inspiration for his poems. He found pleasure in simple things of life and these simple things always encouraged, motivated and inspired him.

I have a knack for writing poems. However I sometimes so preoccupied by schoolwork or home assignments that I can scarcely spend an hour on writing poems. Even though I manage to begin one I cannot complete it because most of other work tend to take my attention away. It is only in the vacations or festive holidays that I can let my words flow. My mother tells me that I should let my life go easily. I should not be so worried about work or engrossed in it that I later regret giving up my other passions.

Everybody is short-lived and the time left on Earth is less for each person. So there is no need to overwrought oneself and burden oneself with work. People need to pause, take a break. One has to grab a cup of tea and sit idly on a comfortable chair and just watch.

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More and more of monotonous and mechanical only add stress
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