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Describe a story ,culture, community or background that is an integral part of your life.

Essay topics: Describe a story ,culture, community or background that is an integral part of your life.

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It was a long dusty highway beside which our school was located. Built in the pristine village area it was clumped with trees and open lawns. In one such corner was our little art room. I remember the area very well – the propping roots of the banyan tree, the climbers covering the walls and pigeons eating on crumbs. However I could never really get the feel of the room. I think the room hated my presence. But I can confidently say that the room must have never felt ill at ease as most of the time I was sent out of the class.

I was the worst student our art teacher had encountered – disobedient and insincere. The reason was not my lack of attention towards drawing . But it was because ...

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