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Internet rules the lives and means of people these days. It caters to good and evil alike. Seemingly it is the largest media of communication. Discuss

Essay topics: Internet rules the lives and means of people these days. It caters to good and evil alike. Seemingly it is the largest media of communication. Discuss

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Internet is the latest medium of communication. It is a computerized network connecting the whole world. It is now regarded as a milestone of the modern world of communication. Its uses and functions are easy and rapid.

Internet is helpful to us in many ways. One can go to search engines like Google and yahoo to get a particular information. Students can go through any book without even going to library. one can even purchase anything by sitting in home without going to market. One can talk to anyone, one can send gifts to his relative, and one can even do business on internet. There are many companies which provide online study courses, and study material; by this these companies are earning money and students are also getting profit, as they can save time, money, and efforts in traveling.

Internet has its demerits too. People are now become so dependent on the internet; they think that life without internet is no life at all. Some people get so much addicted to social networking sites that they cannot live without surfing it. Some people on the other hand get involved in anti-social elements as internet nowadays is flooding with these anti-social elements like pornography, human trafficking, etc. which leads to adulteration of society.

By the help of internet task like money transfer become so much so much easier and faster than before. And if we talk about security matters’ there are many setups against internet crime. Also we have many trusted antivirus softwares are present in the market, to much extent these are successful too. However there are many virus present over the world these setups are unable to meet. Some genius hackers are also there who have ability to break into any damn security system. So we can say that even though to very little extent, internet is not safe.

By all these above examples we can conclude that although Internet proves to be generously helpful to us, there are still some flaws in there which are hard to meet.

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