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Is it importnt to look beyond superficial appearance ?

Essay topics: Is it importnt to look beyond superficial appearance ?

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Nowadays, looking beyond superficial appearance is very crucial. It is one of the most effective tools we have to know the real motives of the ones around us. The bombing of the Al Shafa pharmaceutical factory in Sudan and the tactful offense of the British nation during the WWII are good examples.

It is well known that that during the presidency of Bush a pharmaceutical company was bombed under the guise that it was manufacturing chemical weapons in support of terrorism. It was widely broadcasted through many international news channels. But after some time, a story surfaced with substantial evidence that the company was not involved in such acts. Upon deeper scrutiny, it was revealed that this action was done during the time when the president was accused of having an affair with one of his colleagues. It was later told that it was done to divert the attention!

Another example is the offense that the British government used to win the war in WWII. The government cracked the enigma machine used by the Nazi for communication purposes and spied on their strategy and used it to gradually win the war by using surprise attacks on the enemy and at the same time appearing unaware of what was happening. The government never confirmed this until fifty years later when it was made public knowledge. The Nazi’s incapability to look beyond the superficial appearance of the UK government cost them the war.

Both of the above examples used their guise to achieve their goal, be it good or bad. So it stands to argue that is more than necessary to look beyond what is given and see the real motives and goals.

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