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Is success disasterous?

Essay topics: Is success disasterous?

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Success can have different meaning for different people. Success by itself is the achievement of something that one might consider will help to make problems a little easier. But sometimes we can be blind-sided by our goals. We concentrate so much on achieving this goal that we forget the consequences. It is like the saying, ‘What goes up must come down’. Success will be temporary if we don’t consider every move.

Take, for example, a man who longed to be the CEO of a certain company. And one day he gets the promotion. But he has to move to another city to operate the company. Blind-sided by his dream of success, he moves his family. But he doesn’t wait to consider how this might affect him or anybody else. AS a result, his son goes to a new school only to be peer-pressured into becoming a drug dealer, which later leads to depression and suicide. After this, his wife wants to get a divorce. And piece by piece he loses all he had. His son, wife, marriage.

All of this happened because he failed to consider how this might hurt his family. He was blind-sided. The drive to achieve his goal narrowed his perspective and he ended up worse that what he had before. But this doesn’t mean that all success leads to failure. Success requires patience, consideration, time. It isn’t something that can happen overnight. If the guy had just waited, maybe even asked for his family’s opinion life wouldn’t have been so terrible.

In conclusion, success isn’t something that should be taken lightly. We should consider its pro’s and con’s and even ask for some advice so the consequence, if there is one, might be easier.

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