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Should facts somethings be ignored

Essay topics: Should facts somethings be ignored

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Facts are actual truths, that are usually made up by a set of people, who might have studied a particular situation before coming out with proof to support their observations. But no one is always right, and we all make mistakes. So, it is safe to say that there are situations when it is always better to go with your heart, rather than believing on a fact.

When I was younger, I was told about a wicked uncle of ours by my elder sister. She made me believe that he was no good, based on her personal experience and observation. At that time to her that was the fact, but since I had not met him I decided to go with my heart. Once he came visiting I opened myself up to him, ignoring everything my sister said. From my experience with I found out what my sister thought was the fact was actually not true.

In 1997, during a period of crises in Nigeria, there was a certain area in Lagos which was believed to be haunted. It was believed that no one who entered there came out alive. There was a man called Peter Okoro, who was bold enough to go in there and to the surprise of everyone he came out. Which put to rest the false fact.

Sometime last year, it was widely spread that the world was coming to an end on 21st December, 2012. And some scientist came out with proof that it was actually going to end. Most people waited anxiously, some scared, others unmoved. The day eventually came and nothing happened to suggest that the world would end. Which disproved the scientist theory.

In some cases, the facts always turns out true, but not in all cases. So, it is best to study every possible option in a situation before coming to a conclusion. The best thing to do in personal situations is to go with your heart. If it turns out good you can be happy but, if it turns out otherwise pick yourself up and move on.

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