As you read the passage below consider how Bobby Braun uses evidence such as facts or examples to support claims reasoning to develop ideas and to connect claims and evidence stylistic or persuasive elements such as w

In Bobby Braun’s passage, “Space Technology: A Critical Investment for Our Nation’s Future”, he talks about how the US government must continue to invest in NASA. He convinces us that what the government is doing is right, and that they are not all just wasting money. He teaches us that the government is actually improving the world. Braun uses Logos, evidence, and statistics and data to persuade his audience.

In Brauns passage, he tries to convince his audience to believe that the government is helping us when they are supporting NASA with money. He uses logos in some parts of his passage to help. He states, “ By investing in the high payoff, transformative technology that the aerospace industry cannot tackle today, NASA will mature the systems required for its future missions while proving the capabilities and lowering the cost of other government agency and commercial space activities.” (Braun 5) This shows how he uses logos to convince his audience. Logos is rhetorical, so when he writes this, he means to tell us something.

Braun also uses evidence in his passage to persuade his audience. One sign of this is when he writes,”For NASA,* past cutting-edge technology investments led to design and flight of the Apollo missions, the space shuttle, the International Space Station and a myriad of robotic explorers” (Braun 2) This shows that Braun took things from a different source, and put it into his passage. This shows that other people think the same as Braun, which then persuades the audience that BRaun is trustworthy if other people think the same.

Finally, Braun shows signs of using statistics and data. He uses statistics and data to show that the things that show and push his evidence forward are big. He shows, “Nearly 50 years ago, a young president gave NASA a grand challenge—one chosen not for its simplicity, but for its audacity, not for its ultimate goal or destination, but to “organize and measure the best of our energies and skills.” (Braun 8) This shows that the evidence, and data that Braun speaks of are all true. This makes sure that his audience is measured with things that are accurate, and trustworthy.

Bobby Braun tries to explain to his audience that the money invested into NASA from the government is for a good cause. He explains that the evidence, and data that he has can support him. He overall uses logos, evidence, and statistics and data to support himself, and persuade the audience.

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