Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Competition among friends has a negative effect on the friendship.

Essay topics: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Competition among friends has a negative effect on the friendship.

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There is no doubt that the human is a socialized animals, everyone needs friends to share a happiness and support when another falls out of the train. I would say it is not easy to keep a relationship among friends. Some people believe that nothing can affect on a friendship if people are already good friends. Personally, I think competition among friends is able to scavenge the friendship.

To begin with, mostly friends lose of trust on each other when they have to expose to the situation of competition. When one wants to be better than another, trust and sincerity do not exist between them. For example, I experienced betrayal from my one of my co-workers when I first worked for the pharmaceutical company in Thailand. Before we worked in the same position, we were good friends. Since by boss announced that we have to work together as a parallel, of course, it was a competition among us. Naturally, everyone wants to get a better performance and nobody wants another one to be better. As a result, in order to compete another person, she betrayed on me and stepped on me for achieving a better position. From that experience, I always tell myself that I do not work in the same positions as my friends do because I have no desire to lose the friendship with anybody again.

In addition, I believe that keeping a relationship cannot be success if friends do not have giving and sincerity for each other. Competition leads people to have more self-attention and disregard giving and sharing in order to induce positive effects on the friendship. For instance, when I was in the pharmacist school, my classmates and I had exams frequently. Because the teachers evaluated a performance of the students based on score percentage system, the students who have highest scores get “A” but the student who has the lowest scores get “F”, everyone has to compete with others to get good grades. In fact, nobody wants to share studied materials to others, so the circumstance of the class got stressed and the friendship of my classmates were getting worst.

To sum up, I would deny the situation that I have to compete with my friends because I do not want experience of losing of trust and generosity. Competition can induce selfishness to everyone if we do not be aware. Therefore, I would highly recommend everyone to do the best on his job and try to stay away from competition in order to maintain the friendship

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