Getting advice from friends of an older age would be more valuable than from friends your own age

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Getting advice from friends of an older age would be more valuable than from friends your own age.

Too often we will find impediments lying in the way and some of us may be stuck in troubles, which make us to get advice from others, peers or the older. Nevertheless, with aging, there comes a greater variety of life experiences, which give one the wisdom and the ability to see things in perspective. Thus, it is my belief that the advice from older one are of greater utility.

To begin with, with more experience, the older are in the position to give us efficient methods which can prevent us from wasting time. What we are experiencing may be similar to theirs in the past. An illustrating example is that last term, I learnt the stochastic process which is the so-called ‘the toughest’ course in my major. Before my learning, I consulted the senior for the strategy of how to learn it so as to have a high score and better performance. In their response, they advise me to learn theories of probabilities which act as the base of the stochastic process and make use of the office time whenever I have questions. After that, I put their advices into practice and it works! Thanks to their strategy, I grasped the core knowledge of this subject and got a grade A in the end.

A second point is that, the older, who often have higher education background, combined with broader horizon, could provide us more professional suggestions. On the contrary, our peers are less likely to have such in-depth analysis. For example, a career plan is vital for students who are ambitious. And when I asked the professors in my major about the career plan, they told me that if I plan to enter the investment bank, internship in JP Morgan and Golden Sachs will equip me with easier access into the investment bank. In addition, it is not unusual for the HR of the IB to pay a premium on highly qualified candidates with CFA which could be taken into my account during my master studying. It is their advice that helps me go straight down my road without wrong turnings.

Admittedly, advice from our peers, sometimes, could be more up-to-date. Peers grew up in the same environment, which put them in the best position to offer advice. For instance, once I asked my father for the skills of the presentation. He just suggested me to explain the topic systematically on the black board, not to mention the PPT. On the contrary, when consulting my classmates, they suggest me to make full use of the Prezi, which is more prevailing than the PPT in the university presentation, and to add video that relevant to the theme into the presentation. Obsolete enough, some of the older might find it hard to keep pace with the latest technology, especially the multimedia.

All in all, the best advice comes from the older who have more experience and can analyze our problems more professionally. With their advice, more mistakes could be avoided.

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