Getting advice from friends of an older age would be more valuable than from friends your own age

No one can deny the fact that friends are the closest one with whom people share their happiness as well as difficult times. On that ground, people always like to get advice from their regarding their personal and professional matters. In this regard, some people contend that it is beneficial for people to take advice from their older friends. On the other side, there is a group of people take it as an exaggeration and believe that taking advice from same age group friends is fruitful. Certainly, from my vantage point, the former view contains more weight. For the following paragraphs, I will delve into the most conspicuous reasons and examples justifying my stance.

The first exquisite point to be mentioned is that eleder friends are always well experienced than same age group people. Consequently, they must have seen different colors of lives in their lives in which some of them are better phases and some might be nightmare to them. However, having such a wide realm of real life experience, they can provide the best solutions. To shed more light on this, my own life experience is a compelling example of what has been elaborated above. When I was in the university, I was very poor in human anatomy subject. It was really difficult from me to remember name of arteries and veins of human brain. In fact, may of my batchmates have tried helping me for that, however, I never understoord their stratergies. Fortunately, one of my senior toughtme some key stratergies to recall name of arteries and veins, and It became really easy for me to remember those informations for my exam. Admittedly, it is judicious to say that had I not taken help from my senior, I would not have learned solution of my doubts.

Another noteworthy reason is that same age group friends always have a same maturity level ,and thereby, sometimes they might not able to think the way elders friends can think because they are comparately matured people. Accordingly, whenever they make decisions or evaluate some scenarios, they would always take a look for future consequences. To exeplify, After completing two years in the university, I was not clear about what major should I choose. Therefore, I asked my close to help me to clear my confusion. She suggested me to study electric engineering as there was more change to get job quickly following graducation. On the contrary, my senior refused to choose engineering since my academic performance was very poor in that field, instead adviced me to choose a career in which I scored well in my exams which was biology. Indeed, her help prooved right and I became a successful physician in a few years. Ultimately, this enforce me to think that had my eleder senior not given me accurate soltuion, I might have to changed my major as I was least interested in engineering field.

To recapitulate, after contemplating all remarks, in spite of the fact that some may not agree with my viewpoint, I utterly posit that taking advice from elderly friends is better than same age group folks. This is because elder friends can serve best knowledge based on their own experience, and because having more maturity would help to provide better solutions compared to the same age group friends.

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