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There is a quote that says that "Life is like a game" but that doesn't mean that playing games teaches us about life. The quote mentioned above wants to say that life is challenging like a game and you can be even a winner or a loser. Even thought some people think that playing games help us in life I would have to say that I can not agree with this statement.In the following paragraphs I will give some arguments that support my opinion.

First of all I would say that some games could be inspired from the real life but that doesn't mean it teaches us about the life. For me games are just a way to relax and to have fun. I would rather say that our life experience give us ideas how to play a game, how to win it learning from our mistakes.

There are some games that people call "educational games" because they are helping the children's development. Maybe the people that say that playing games teaches about life are thinking about this kind of games. In that case I have to mention that developing something is totally different that teaching something.

Last but not at least, we have to keep in mind that games should be a way of relaxation, even thought sometimes can be use as a method of learning something easier. I can not denied that there are some games that can help us to learn a lot of things. For instances some science teachers like to use games that makes the students to remember easily some hard terms or theories.

To conclude I would say that for me the most important thing that really teaches us about life are not the games we are playing but the life itself, the history, our experience of life and the real experience from other peoples lives.

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