a/d people should ALWAYS tell truth

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a/d people should ALWAYS tell truth

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sir, can i call you.. because after working for 10 days on only tasks 1 and 2, i am at the same level so i feel communication through msg donot clear my doubts or negative points. may be talking with you can help me. if you feel it is good idea then can you please give me your no.

Your big issue is not patterns. It is fluency.

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she got 26 in speaking:

she failed a lot of times to reach 26 before she came to testbig, so her experience may help you more.

and this one who got 29 in speaking:


They talk very peacefully and fluently.

yes, i have started listening to good speakers of test big. i will listen to above speakers. thanks you. i will work on it and lets see the difference. once again thank you for helping me out