TPO 04 - Question 3

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TPO 04 - Question 3

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The school is planning to start offering evening computer classes due to it’s popularity and it will be cost effective. In the conversation the man disagrees with the school’s plan for the following reasons. First of all, many students are busy at night doing other activities. For example, they might have jobs, families, clubs and social events to attend to. He also thinks that the school should buy more computers to meet the needs instead of opening up more classes. Computer prices decreased a lot during the years, they have become very cheap. Hiring more teaching staff is going to be more expensive for the school in the long run, plus there will be enough space for the new equipments.

1. Now listen to two students discussing the article.
2. I just don't think this will work.
3. Why not?
4. Because it's not gonna solve the problem.
5. Students are busy at night.
6. I mean, we have jobs, families, clubs, social events... Most of us already have something to do every single night of the week.
7. I see your point.
8. I sure couldn't fit anything into my schedule during the week.
9. I've got swimming practice most nights.
10. Right, and as far as expense goes, I think they are going about it the wrong way.
11. I mean, it cost money to hire more teachers and keep the academic building open later, which is a lot more expensive than just simply buying more computers.
12. More computers?
13. That's right.
14. Computer prices have come way down the past few years.
15. So the department won't have to spend as much now as they did in the past.
16. Besides, the computer department classrooms, you know, the rooms themselves, they are actually very big.
17. There's plenty of space to add more computers.