TPO 09 - Question 3

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TPO 09 - Question 3

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The business studies department plans to require all students to intern at a local business, because they can get more working experience and that will help when they job hunt after graduation. In the conversation, the woman disagrees with the school’s plan. First of all, she thinks students won’t learn anything valuable at these positions. They only get to do some simple tasks such as typing and filing stuff, it’s a waste of time. Second, many other universities in the city have the same requirement for students, so after they graduate, the competition is still there. Getting a permanent job is almost impossible because there just aren’t enough jobs available for all business graduates.

1. Did you read this announcement?
2. Yeah and I disagree.
3. I don't think it will actually help students.
4. Really?
5. Why not?
6. Well, they talked about leadership and organizational skills, but that's not really the kind of work you do.
7. Like my elder brothers have the kind of jobs they are talking about and typically you are just there to do basic tasks like typing and filing stuff, nothing very meaningful.
8. Oh, so you wouldn't actually learn anything new.
9. Exactly.
10. Ah, I guess I see what you mean.
11. But what about the other point they make?
12. About this helping us after we graduate?
13. I don't agree.
14. How come?
15. Well, the problem is that there are lots of other universities in our area that have the same requirement, so there are lots of other students at these positions.
16. Yeah, I guess I hadn't thought of that.
17. So even if you take a position like this in a company while you are still a student, once you graduate, the competition for permanent jobs will be impossible.
18. I mean there just won't be enough jobs available for the business graduates in the city who will be looking for full time work.
19. Hmm, I see what you are saying.