TPO 10 - Question 3

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TPO 10 - Question 3

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The student who wrote the letter is suggesting the school to display paintings and other artwork by students at the entrance of the student center, because lots of people pass through, and it’s filled with light. In the conversation, the woman disagrees with the opinions stated in the letter. First of all, she thinks that the student center is too crowded, it’s full of students moving around, students can’t enjoy the artworks in that setting when people are walking in front of you, or blocking the view. The second reason is that the lighting in the student center is not ideal for showing artworks. It’s too bright in there when sunny outside, too dark when it’s cloudy. She states that the artworks should be displayed at somewhere there’s consistent light, which always stays at the same level.

1. Mary, you are an art student.
2. What do you think of this letter?
3. I don't like the idea.
4. Why not?
5. Well, first of all, his first point about a lot people passing through the student center, that's true, but…
6. But?
7. But it's always really crowded with people coming and going.
8. It's not good for showing artwork.
9. Imagine you are standing there, trying to look at a painting.
10. There's gonna be like a million people walking through, people walking in front of you, blocking your view, distracting you…
11. Hm…yeah…hadn't thought of that.
12. You won't be able to appreciate the artwork, or get a good look at anything with so much going on, with so many people moving around.
13. Yeah, I see what you mean.
14. Plus, he's wrong about the windows.
15. But isn't it true that it's good for art to have lots of light?
16. In a sense, yeah, but that kind of light, all that natural light from windows?
17. That's actually not good because if it's really sunny out, it'll be way too bright.
18. If it's cloudy, it'll be way too dark.
19. Oh!
20. What you want is controlled light, consistent light, the kind you get from electric light bulbs.
21. Think about in an art museum.
22. In an art museum, you've got electric lighting, and the light is always carefully controlled, always at the same level.