TPO 15 - Question 3

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TPO 15 - Question 3

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The student letter suggests the school to pave the running trail with cement to increase it’s safety, and make it look prettier. The man disagrees with the proposal for two reasons. His first reason is that it’s actually not safe to run on a hard surface because that’ll put too much pressure on the runner’s bones and joints. It could lead to injuries over time. Second, the new look will make people use the trail less. People run there now to get away from the campus. They want the nature when they run. Pavement will make the trails look like regular streets or sidewalks on campus.

1. Hey, Ted, you are a runner.
2. Did you see this letter in the paper?
3. Yeah, I did, and I used those.
4. And?
5. I think it's a terrible idea.
6. How come?
7. Well, she really hasn't thought it through, like the thing about making them safer.
8. What she is not thinking about is the long-term consequences of running on a hard surface.
9. What do you mean?
10. I mean it's not good for you.
11. It's too hard on your bones and joints.
12. If you run repeatedly on a hard surface, it can lead to injuries, or that's what I've been taught anyway.
13. It's better to run on a soft surface.
14. It does less damage to your body.
15. Oh, I wasn't aware of that.
16. Yeah, so actually it wouldn't be safer.
17. And her second point.
18. About changing the way they look?
19. Yeah, I don't think people will like it.
20. So they'd use them less?
21. Yeah, I mean one of the main reasons people enjoy them now is it's a way of taking a break from the rest of campus, from building and streets and stuff.
22. It's, you know, a chance to feel like you are out in nature.
23. Oh, so you wouldn't get that effect anymore.
24. Right, it'd be just like you are on a regular street or sidewalk.
25. It wouldn't be as relaxing.