TPO 48 Question 3

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TPO 48 - Question 3

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from reading:

(1)The writer thinks that the university should build an art museum on the campus.

(2)The museum will enable students to appreciate high-quality fine arts.

(3)The university can ask alumni to donate money to build the museum.

from listening:

(1)The man doesn’t like the proposal.

(2)First, the country art museum is not far from the university and it is cheap to get in.

(3)Besides that,the alumni already donated a lot of money to build a new student center and a new library, which are very expensive.

Listen to two students discussing the letter.

Woman:Did you see this letter?

Man:Yeah. It's a nice idea, but it'll never happen.

Woman:Why do you say that?

Man:Well, first of all, you can get on a bus right here on campus and in half an hour, you are downtown at the county art museum.

Woman:That's true.

Man:And if you show you student ID card, it only costs like two bucks to get in.

Woman:Yeah. In fact, on Mondays, students get in for free.

Man:Right. And you can see some of the greatest art in the world there. For example, you know Rembrandt, the famous Dutch painter?


Man:Well, right now they're showing something like twenty of his paintings.


Man:Yeah. And you know, it's true. We do have a lot of very generous alumni. But we're already asking them for help building a new student center and a new library. And those are both very expensive projects.

Woman:Yeah. That's right.

Man:So I don't think we can expect them to donate much money for anything else anytime soon, especially for something we don't really need.