TPO 11 - Question 5

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TPO 11 - Question 5

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The man’s problem is that he’s got the summer research position, but he didn’t apply for a dorm room for the summer. There are two solutions, the first is staying with his parents and drive to school everyday, the second is to rent an apartment off campus. I think staying with his parents is better. First of all, he can save a lot of money on rent, and his mom and dad will be glad to have him over for a few weeks, it’s nice to spend some time with family. Also, he mentions in the conversation that some of his old friends will be home for the summer, it’ll be a good chance for him to reconnect with them and have a good time.

1. By the way, Frank, I heard you got a summer research position with Professor Davis.
2. Uh, huh... but, I've got a problem.
3. Yeah, well, since I didn't hear from her for so long I assumed I didn't get the position.
4. So I didn't apply for a dorm room for the summer.
5. I'm afraid it's too late for that now.
6. Yeah, the deadline for campus housing applications has already passed.
7. So what are you gonna do now?
8. Well, I can stay with my parents.
9. They live two hours from here.
10. So I thought I could drive and commute to campus every day.
11. I know my mom and dad would be happy to have me over for a few weeks, and most of my old friends will be home for the summer.
12. So in a way it'd be fun.
13. Yeah, I understand.
14. But you'd spend quite a bit of time on the road going back and forth.
15. Won't you get tired?
16. Yeah, that thought did cross my mind.
17. The other thing I could do is rent an apartment off campus.
18. Besides being much closer to work, I'd also save tons of money on gas.
19. Uh huh, but then you'd have to pay rent.
20. I know... there's always something, isn't there?