Some students would prefer to live with roommates Others would prefer to live alone Which option would you prefer and why

I would like to live with roommate, because I like to make new friends. I never live alone away from my family, so it will be a different experience for me. I would learn to adjust with new people. By living together, we could help each other not only in our good times, but also in our bad times. In addition, living with roommate would be cost effective, as we will share our all our expenses. So, I would like to live with roommate rather alone, because it will allow me to learn new things in life and save some of my money.

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24 in 30.

Ana,did you type the words first and then read after the words? or you talk fist and then type? It is wrong for both. You only need to record whatever you talked. You don't need to type.

You talked well and organized well.

You may speak relatively faster next time.

Yes, I agree with you that, 'it is wrong', but I thought people might not be able to understand my pronunciation that's why I wrote it, and this was my first recording here, I didn't have any idea about this. I will take care from now on. And thank you so much for your feedback.