TPO 14 – task 2: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?It is more beneficial to travel in your own country rather than traveling to foreign countries.

In this century, technological advancement facilitates communication between different nations far from distances. In this regard, people are more fascinated to travel to foreign countries, and it helps them to broaden their view, increase the information and expands their own experience. Some argue that traveling to a foreign country can instruct worthwhile lessons and can benefits the traveler too. While others hold the different idea that it is more beneficial if one's travel to own country. From my perspective, the former view carries more weight. I take the position on account for the following reasons.
Primarily, people gain experience and knowledge by traveling abroad. Every country follows its own culture and custom which is definitely different from the other country's culture. Moreover, people in the other country have different thought process and behavior. Hence, all these factors will be beneficial for travelers to develop themselves in a different manner. To illustrate this, when I went abroad for my further education, I had chosen to stay in a dormitory with other students. Initially, I could not able to understand their behavior and their nature since most of them were grown in a different way as I grew up in my country. But, at the same time, my roommate has easily adapted that environment since she has traveled more than 10 countries from her childhood, and that experience helped her to adopt the different environment easily compared to myself. Therefore, traveling abroad makes people think in a broader way, and also, they gain an enormous amount of experience in another country.
Furthermore, overseas traveling help student to gain more knowledge. With the development of science and technology, each country has adopted its own different technology. Students who are pursuing their Ph.D. can go to the other country and can learn about the different aspects of technological advancement. When they come back to their home country, the numerous industries and the research institute can use the novel technology from the students in order to expand their business. This would be beneficial for the developing country. With the growth of technology and the institutes, many job opportunities would be available, and the country would excel economically.
Having discussed this issue from this point of view, I would rather look at it from another viewpoint. There are some advantages to travel to own country too. A country like India, where people follow more than thirty-five culture and religions. If people start traveling their own country, they would learn a lot about the different culture and religions which have been following by own people from last more than a hundred years. Also, the history of Indian culture is the oldest history in the world. On top of that, traveling to own country will help to raise the country's because when people travel to their country, they will be indirectly helping to raise their country's tourism and country's own economic situation.
All in all, I strongly believe that the advantages of traveling to other country outweigh the advantages of traveling to own country. This is because it helps to gain more knowledge about the new advance of the other country, and it makes people think in a broader way.

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