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TPO 20

The reading says that the "let it burn" policy must have been replaced with extinguishing the fire as soon as it appeared. However, the lecturer believes it was just part of nature and it's not only harmful but also good for nature because it makes new opportunities.

First, the reading states that fire damaged trees and vegetations very hard and it was irrecoverable. In contrast, the lecturer states that when the fire had finished, the area of the Yellowstone park were covered by new plants. The fire made the opportunity for new small plants to grow and replace the older ones.
Lecturer also mentioned that fire couldn't burn all of the seeds so that some of small seeds which were alive, found that chance to grew up.

Next, the reading claims that fire eradicated wildlife for example large animals like deers and elves couldn't run away from fire and consequently smaller animals were unable to save their lives. However, the lecturer believes that fire made the occasion for animals to recover. For instance, smaller species like rabbits and hares were appeared. Because of their thriving and breeding, some of other species such as predators were risen. So new species were appeared and most of the animals were recovered.

Finally, the author of the reading believes that the fire had affected tourist attraction negatively. In contrast the lecturer mentions although fire decreased tourist attraction, but it was just for a limited time not forever.
She also mentioned the fire happened because of different strong reasons such as low rainfall and winds and fire couldn't be prevented anyway. She says that after the park had recovered, the visitors came back.

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