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Revealing Coloration

Many animals use coloration to protect themselves from predators. One defensive strategy involving the use of coloration is what is known as revealing coloration. Animals employing this strategy have an area of bright color on some part of their body; this bright color is usually hidden from predators' view. When approached by a predator, the animal suddenly reveals the area of bright color; this unexpected display of color startles or confuses the predator and provides the would-be prey with an opportunity to escape.

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Revealing coloration is a defensive strategy used by the animals to protect themselves against predators by startling the predators. The professor brings up two examples to illustrate this. First, he states that peanut bugs use their back hidden wings to get a chance to escape. Although their front wings blend in with their surroundings, their back wings embrace bright colorful spots that help them to escape. When the predator attacks, the insect opens its wings and gets a chance to get away by confusing the predator. Secondly, the professor explains how morpho butterflies use their shiny, flashy wings to reflect sunlight and confuse their predator. When the butterfly flaps and opens its hidden wings, the bird cannot follow and catch the insect.