"Advertising with Cable Communications Corp. is a great way to increase your profits. Recently the Adams Car Dealership began advertising with Cable Communications and over the last 30 days, sales are up 15% over the previous month. Let us increase your

The argument that advertising with Cable Communication Corp would increase all business profits, may seems logical at first glance. The author makes a valid argument, one would be correct if its premises were true. However, the advertisement's conclusion relies on unclear and weak assumptions.

First of all, the writer assumes that television is the best way of advertising for all kinds of business without proving the correctness of this idea. Obviously there are wide variety ways to ad such as local radios, social networks, newspapers, and so on. Therefor, people can't decide whether using television as a advertising way would be helpful for their business or not. As a result, the Corp would convince more businessmen by talking about television's ads advantages over other types of advertisement.

Additionally, the Company’s advertisement talks about Adams Car Dealership's success in just one month to persuade people for using their advertising services. But, the conclusion is based on examining a very short period of time and it is not adequate to persuade people for choosing the Corp. For example, whether the 15% profits improvement over the previous month is just because of using the Company's services or it is because of Adams Car's poor performance during the previous month. The author should examine more reliable period of time to make a certain conclusion.

Last but not least, the advertisement assumes that their services will be successful in the future without any evidence to guaranty its claim. For instance, talking just about Adams Car's success is not enough to burnishing the Cable Communication Corp's image. For instance, maybe this Company doesn't provide satisfying services for its other customers or maybe Adams Car is already a well-known Company that its success is irrelevant to the advertising Corp. The advertisement also doesn't compare the Adams Car's increased profit with other similar Companies that use other advertisement ways to convince people that using the Company's services is the best choice for them. Hence, the advertisement suffers from dearth of reliable and more detailed evidence to convince people that the Company is accountable and its success is not transient.

In conclusion, the argument would not be necessary wrong that the Cable Communication Corp would increase its customer profits. However, the advertisement doesn't refer to more clear and detailed evidences to prove its claim, so the conclusion is not reliable and convincing.

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may seems logical at first glance.
may seem logical at the first glance.

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